Republic of Sealand
T h e  O f f i c i a l  G o v e r n m e n t
R e p u b l i c  o f  S e a l a n d

Addressing the "Other" Sealand

by Office of the Prime Minister on 03/24/11

First, may we say how fantastic a response we have received in our first 12 hours launching our website and Twitter! We are thrilled to bring our government, so long secretive, into the light. We look to have frequent communication with our citizens and the international community, to fulfill the promise of our Charter and give vision to such a special land.

There have been a myriad of comments pertaining to the former Principality of Sealand, and questions as to the legitimacy of one or either government. Let us be clear... the Principality DID exist, and DID rule Sealand... until now. It has come to a point that people all around the world are joining a movement to declare that Sealand is now a free Republic, with a new Declaration and Charter, and an entirely transparent global presence. This is the Republic of Sealand - a new day for a land filled with promise, but sadly mired in scandal, lies and physical disrepair.

With the founding of the Republic, we would encourage you to click the "Charter and Government" link at the top of the website to learn some of our specific grievances with the prior government, and why establishing the Republic was so necessary at this time. This is a new day for Sealand - and because we are free (we do not claim to charge for citizenship, nor titles, nor propaganda), we do claim the full international legitimacy and respect as the official government of Sealand henceforth. From the response of our first 12 hours since the internet launch, the world community agrees with our reasoning. And finally, yes, our website is hosted by an American company (as so many fine European sites are), and was purchased through a friend in Ohio. The idea that this would disqualify our legitimacy seems to contradict every standard of foreign trade and cooperation that most nations embrace daily. Please, do not be fooled by the small minority attempting to cling to the regime. Sealand is free. Henceforth, forevermore.

To all the people who sent money to a failed regime in exchange for a certificate of title, passport, citizenship, athletic teams, or any other former schemes... we, the new government, pledge to you to restore honor to this nation by ensuring her freedom - and with it, yours.

So please, feel free to explore, and check back frequently. We have a lot of making up to do to restore the nation upon the seas which the world deserves to see shine. As our new motto Quid potest fieri declares, now is our time, together, to Become What's Possible.

Free Sealand Radio is Launched!

by Office of the Prime Minister on 03/23/11

Visit or to access the brand new, public Free Sealand Radio, a service of the Republic of Sealand! You will find the latest news and weather information, as well as a wide variety of artists from around the world. Artists wishing to submit songs for consideration for the playlist should send them to Please tell everyone you know to tune in!

A Call for Citizenship!

by Office of the Prime Minister on 03/23/11

The Republic announced today an official offer of citizenship to any person who wishes to become one, despite nation of residency or any other factor. As the Republic grows, the citizens (based on their date of citizenship as printed on their certificate, to arrive to all certified applicants via e-mail) will be able to partake in the full rights, privileges, and responsibilities of citizenship in Sealand, including participation in commerce, elections, and all other activities of Sealand. All citizens will retain the dual citizenship of their nation of residence or current citizenship. All passports, currency and postage of the former Principality were also declared today to be null and void, until further notice when new versions shall be created by the Republic's future government with ratification from the new citizenry. Become a citizen by visiting the official government's participation page at


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