T h e  O f f i c i a l  G o v e r n m e n t
R e p u b l i c  o f  S e a l a n d

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Official Documents

I. Declaration of the Free Republic

From the dawning breath of man, the sun rose upon the earth, and he viewed a magnificent image given him by his Creator. In this moment was born the first mortal recognition of beauty, hope, and liberty. Since this dawn of human time, man has recognized that all creatures, all things, and all people on this earth are born into a liberty unbridled as her dawn, as expansive as her land, and as uniting as her sea.

Encircled in that sea stands Sealand, a nation bearing a history unmatched since construction took place in the second Great War. It stood then as a symbol of freedom amid great global fear of tyranny. Today, unfortunately, Sealand stands tyrannized.

Among the grievances of the global community against the current apparent government of Sealand, included are the following:

-That the nation of Sealand harbors no legitimate citizenry, government, economy, global relations, or laws – nor has stated plans to create any of the same;

-That the so-called “prince” of Sealand is exploiting the nation from afar for personal financial gain, from marketing memorabilia and titles of nobility, to attempting to sell this sovereign nation itself to the highest bidder in 2007;

-That the so-called “prince” of Sealand welcomed an internet storage company to Sealand in the last decade which became defunct for among other things violating international standards, thereby tarnishing the reputation of this nation;

-That the so-called “prince” of Sealand has recruited athletes and others to represent this nation who have never resided in nor visited Sealand, and that profits from the said activities are personally pocketed by the said “prince;”

-That the nation of Sealand continues to deteriorate in disrepair without any vision for its future.

We the people of the global community, concerned about securing liberty in all nations, and concerned that the aforementioned leadership is wholly disinterested in its fate, hereby declare to the world that the nation recognized as Sealand is henceforth a free Republic.

From this moment forevermore, this Republic shall have a democratic form of government. This government shall seek to establish a citizenry, an economy, laws, and a relationship with the world. It shall declare that henceforth the Republic of Sealand is a sovereign nation not for sale to any one person, but free to all. It shall declare that economic activity at home and abroad shall raise the individual citizens, each of whose efforts shall contribute toward the greater prosperity of the citizenry as a whole. Standards for development, growth, economics and governance shall be acceptable to the global community – and shall only seek peaceful purposes with all other nations and peoples. And investments shall be made to improve the general welfare and structure of Sealand and to provide the best possible basic services to her people.

We seek to live by the phrase Quid potest fieri, to “Become What’s Possible.”

While it is today signed from people abroad, the following concerned signatories are understood as maintaining their current citizenships and affiliations - but are now also recognized citizens of the free Republic of Sealand. Understanding the document above, each of these signatories are afforded the full rights, privileges and responsibilities of the same, detailed in the Constitution of Sealand and all forthcoming laws and statutes of this Republic.

With great humility before the nations of the world and our Creator above, we sign this document in an unending spirit of liberty and hope for humanity, trusting that in providence He may forever bless the people and the free Republic of Sealand.

Thus declared in effect this twenty-first day of February, the year of our Lord and Common Era two-thousand eleven, and henceforth:

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II. Charter of the Republic of Sealand

In these times of Monarchy and oppression, voices can be heard throughout the lands and seas; voices crying out for liberation and freedom. Voices of the people, wherever they may be, cry out for something new, for something brighter, for something hopeful. The cry for a new way echoes across the world, across all continents. This cry transcends continents themselves. This cry is the forging of a new continent, a new land, a new nation; free from tyranny, free from corruptuon. This land, the Republic of Sea Land, yearns for prosperity and freedom. It should be hearby stated, that this Republic, so grand, turns to the Almighty one for it's rights, it's rights of freedom, it's charter of freedom, hereby expressed in these articles:

1.That all Men and Women are created sovereign and free, insomuch as they live and breathe.
2.That all Men and Women are created with the notion that they shall be safe from harm, in whatever form that may come in, be it domestic or foreign.
3.That all Men and Women shall face no discrimination based on nationality, creed, gender, identity, or belief system.
4.That the press shall not be abridged, arrested or harassed when doing their due diligent duty to society.
5.That all law abiding citizens have the right to bear arms.
6.That all who seek to serve in civil society, be they the age of 18, shall be free to do so without hindrance or harassment.
7.That the Church shall impose on no man, and no man shall impose on the Church.

With these rights, given to all by the Almighty, in firm place, it must be said that a functioning civil society needs a functioning civil government. That being said;

The government of the Republic shall be compromised of two branches, Legislative and Judicial. The Legislative branch will be unicameral in nature. The legislative branch shall be headed by a Prime Minister. We seek no Governor General, we seek no royalty. The legislative branch has the authority to write bills and pass laws. All laws must be checked by the Supreme Court, which shall be composed of five justices.

The Legislative Branch, or parliament, shall be comprised of 24 members and the Prime Minister. The PM's cabinet shall consist of five ministers made up of the sitting parliament.

Any Member of parliament (MP) shall serve for now more than six years. MP's are elected to three year terms.

The Supreme Court has been charged with the duty of enforcing this Charter of Freedom. The Supreme Court shall be appointed by the Prime Minister and voted on by the people before seating. Any justice shall serve no more than two terms, each term being for six years.

The Prime Minister and parliament shall set all laws regarding trade with other nations. The Republic of Sea Land is to remain neutral in all military affairs unless directly attacked. Foreign relations shall be held with all nations who seek to build and establish a peaceful and just society.

The Republic of Sea Land shall impose no income tax or excessive tax. Taxation shall be handled through sales with one national sales tax.

Military service shall be voluntary with no man treated as a slave to the state simply because he attains a certain age. Attempts at forced conscription shall be viewed as treason.
Bearing in mind that the needs of the Republic shall change, this Charter of Freedom may be amended by a vote of the people which shall be subjected to a final vote of the parliament, with ascension of the Prime Minister, and approval of the Supreme Court.

We hold these truths to be manifest and glorious. Freedom and Prosperity shall prevail in this Republic. We hold this Charter to be Ascended for the glory and freedom of ALL people.

For the Republic,

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