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A Call for Citizenship!

by Office of the Prime Minister on 03/23/11

The Republic announced today an official offer of citizenship to any person who wishes to become one, despite nation of residency or any other factor. As the Republic grows, the citizens (based on their date of citizenship as printed on their certificate, to arrive to all certified applicants via e-mail) will be able to partake in the full rights, privileges, and responsibilities of citizenship in Sealand, including participation in commerce, elections, and all other activities of Sealand. All citizens will retain the dual citizenship of their nation of residence or current citizenship. All passports, currency and postage of the former Principality were also declared today to be null and void, until further notice when new versions shall be created by the Republic's future government with ratification from the new citizenry. Become a citizen by visiting the official government's participation page at www.republicofsealand.com/participate.html.

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1. Lukha Kremo Baroncinij said on 3/24/11 - 07:01AM
Finally, the opportunity to being a sealand citizen!
2. sealander said on 3/24/11 - 09:46AM
on what base did you declare sealand current government as illegitimate?
3. Prime Minister's Office said on 3/24/11 - 10:34AM
Please visit www.republicofsealand.com/gov.html and read our Declaration. Thank you for your interest!

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