T h e  O f f i c i a l  G o v e r n m e n t
R e p u b l i c  o f  S e a l a n d

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A Vision for Sealand
(Please note - all references below are to the
Artist's Rendering shown above at right.)

Shown at left, residential tower topped by biodome for food and water. Utilities, gym and other necessary capabilities. *

Shown at center, helicopter pad with redesigned meeting arena below for concerts, parliament session, and small-venue sporting events. State-of-the-art cylindrical architecture with 360 degree view windows. Potential dining and retail opportunities. *

Shown at right, office space for high-tech, fishing, governmental and other industries, topped with large solar panel to full electrify Sealand. Limited on-site location for embassies. Telecommunication and internet services will be available.*

High quality park amenities.*

Fishing and water/air transportation capabilities in agreement with UK nautical territory.*

Fully repaired, painted and sealed concrete structure.*

*Please note – height and size of all structures is to be determined by the structure strength and demands of the population. Sealand does reserve the right to consider expanding its deck slightly to accommodate the above changes as long as it can be upheld by its concrete footing – safety tests shall precede and continue during all construction. Congenial notification shall be provided to the government of the neighboring United Kingdom, and size parallel to the sea shall never exceed 2 times the present square footage/meters.

*Any and all upgrades are subject to the majority approval of the citizenry and/or their parliament, as per the Constitution of the Republic of Sealand.